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    Question Remote databse management?

    Does anyone know if there is a databse manager that i can download to my computer which will manage my online database stored on my server?

    for example

    i enter the I.P address of the server, the database name and password, and it then connects to i via my modem?

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    Something like Mysqlfront?

    How about phpmyadmin?

    Remember to grant yourself permission:

    [email protected]

    not just

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    MySQL Administrator and DBDesigner 4 are other good ones.
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    cheers, and i downloaded phpmyadmin, but i don't know if i can install it on my site as its not dedicated / semidedicated, just some webspace with a rather crappy host.

    and thaks ill try them other three

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    phpmyadmin would be your best bet in my opinion. It should work fine for you!

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    For MS Access database management, stpDBAdmin is the best. and it's FREE and OPEN SOURCE (ASP).
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    For MySQL I use the win32 clients SQLyog. It's awesome.



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    phpmyadmin should work fine even if you don't have root acces ot the database
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