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    vB Owned License for sale

    Im seling my vBulletin Owned License. It is ready to be transfered, and still has until January for the members area.

    I am looking for atleast 100 dollars

    Talk to me on aim/msn/email

    MSN[email protected]

    Or you may PM me

    EDIT: Here is my old license thread, it was verified by a mod, he said that it wasnt ready yet but that date is past now. The sale never went through and I am now selling it for real
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    I am iinterested to buy one vbulletin owned license.

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    I am happy that I am able to get this one. It is SOLD .

    Thank You Sb-11.


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    If sale does not go through, will be able to buy it also. Thanks

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    Thank you. SOLD. Transfer has gone through.

    Great buyer A++++++

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