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    $10 a month hosting

    I am looking for a host that will provide me with 1TB bandwidth, 500GB disk-space, unlimited email, unlimited mySQL databases, DNS hosting for unlimited domains, and free domain registrations, for approx $9.99 a month. Thanx.
    now... obviously I'm not serious, but on other forums and such, I have seen such posts (not quite as exaggerated.... but similar) and I just don't understand them.

    How can people actually expect to find that?

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    Good for you that you don't understand thats why your are part of WHT

    Good Luck

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    This hasn't been done before.

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    Trouble is, they actually get offers matching those requests. Now of course, offering is different from delivering.

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    1000 GIGS of bw for $10 a month. Now thats pushing it lol.

    Cheapest you will find that kinda bandwidth for is about $80 a month via a dedicated server on some oversold network.

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    PM me and we can work something out

    Sorry had to do it

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    People who actually think they can get that amount of resources for that low of a price should be dragged out to the street and .................

    Hosting companies that think they can deliver that without making a bad name for hosting companies should be shut down.

    Demands like that are not reality. Anyone who claims that they, are liars in my eyes.

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