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    Basic Nameserver Setup

    I've got a new dedicated server and am confused as to how to set up my nameservers with CPanel/WHM.

    Scenerio: there are 3 domains/sites and 3 IP's:,, and

    Wouldn't the domain used as nameserver ( need to use an external nameserver so the other sites can resolve it?

    In Manage Nameserver IP's, is it looking for something like

    What are the basic steps to set this up within CPanel/WHM?

    When I need to set up's website with a New Account, will the NS record automatically be added to the nameserver?

    thanks for any help...
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    Kinda confused on what you need help with, but. You need to know your server name. if it's then the nameservers need to be &

    Read this

    Don't worry about the other sites. (Of course these are the IP's you have to your server.
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