I'm selling everything on my site, Electronic Gaming Community. I'll do a couple of options. I'll go into details after the options.

Layout, Scripts, and Hosting/domain
With this option, I'll give you the rights to the layout, scripts, one year of hosting at ICDSoft, and the domain (egcnetwork.com) for one year (domain is registered through ICDSoft so you'll have to contact them if you want to move it to someone else). If you want this option, I need to know before June 15th
Price: $155 or best offer

Layout and Scripts
You will get the scripts and the rights to the layout.
Price: $100 or best offer

You'll get the scripts
Price: $90 or best offer

You'll get full rights to the layout
Price: $20 or best offer

The scripts are all coded by me. They are integrated/run with phpBB (copy of the modified phpBB will be included if you buy the script).

You can have unlimited amount of systems. You just go into the site admin panel and choose a name, forum, and forum category for the system.

You can have an unlimited amount of games. When games are created, a forum is also created in the games' systems category. That is why a forum category is required for the systems. Anyone can create games.

Anyone can submit reviews but they have to be approved before they are made public. Here is an example of how the reviews look and what is included in the. Each game can have an unlimited amount of reviews.

Only staff members (moderators on the forums) can submit screen shots. Each game can have an unlimited amount of screens. All you have to do is select a big version (when you click on a thumbnail it displays this one) and the script will upload it and create a thumbnail. Here is an example of what the screen shots look like.

News is done through a RSS/XML feed from GamePro. No work is required by anyone to update your site with current news. The feed can be changed to a different one if you would like.

That's all I got done on the scripts. There was tons more that I wanted to do but never found time to do it.

With the layout, you'll get the psd, the template files that I currently use on the site, and all of the sliced images. You'll have to spend some time to convert it over to your current CMS if you buy just the layout.

The stats for the site can be found in the following two places

If you are interested, contact me in some way. Payments will be done via PayPal. If you feel like the prices are high or are low, say so.

AIM: wwGEric
MSNM: [email protected]
Email: eric[at]best-dev.com