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  1. #1 Software -- Any direct experience with Plesk7?

    I'm currently running Plesk7 / Red Hat 3EL and am considering purchasing the following three products from

    1) 4PSA Clean Server
    2) 4PSA Total Backup
    3) 4PSA Server Assistant

    I've gotten most of my info about these products from 4PSA directly, but after combing the various message boards I haven't been able to find any info on how well these particular products actually work.

    Also, do these products work well for Plesk7, or are they legacy products that are "compatible" with Plesk7 but not particularly useful or well-integrated? Should I be concerned about performance drain in the case of Clean Server?

    Any opinions on the effectiveness of this software in conjunction with Plesk7 would be pretty cool to hear.


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    I was just looking over that website
    It seems very nice and the price isn't too expensive for something that integrates right in plesk

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    I use the following:

    4PSA Notifications
    4PSA Client Backup
    4PSA Total Domains
    4PSA Spam Guardian
    4PSA Clean Server
    4PSA Total Backup
    4PSA Server Assistant
    4PSA Integrator
    4PSA Advanced Statistics

    I can't recall having any problems, sales and support are both friendly and speedy. Plesk themselves actually have some of the above features available as addons to Plesk itself, but in my opinion 4PSA did a much better job of providing those features(Client Side Backup-UP, Spam protection, etc).

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