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    hostfolks / dataflame opinions

    hey there, i'm thinking about moving hosts within the next month and wondered if anyone had an opinion on the following hosts...

    hostfolks dot com

    my first choice if no one's had any bad experiences with them. their gold plan looks pretty good.

    dataflame dot com

    second choice, just a little less space/bandwidth on the nl250 plan than with hostfolks.

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    Try doing a search on WHT. I am certain that something would come up on one of them.

    I myself have never heard of either of them, so I cant give you any advice on them. But like I said, a search would probably do wonders.

    Also, you could try out the hostquote if your looking for a new hosts, lots of great hosts would reply, and they're all frequent flyers here at WHT, so you could pick a few that contact you, run a search and decide from there.

    Remember, there is no best host, only what is best for you

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    hostfolks has more realistic pricing.
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