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    $60 out of stock server for only $59 with 1 month left

    I have three $60 SOLD OUT 2.4ghz servers with cpanel, which is 1 to many for what I need, Im willing to sell the third one which has a month left on the billing at my cost for $60 and to boot I will toss in a cpanel license I have that will go for another couple weeks at which point you would have to pay managed $19.95 for another month of cpanel if you want to continue the cpanel. Since they are sold out and may never have these again this is a very good deal. Please PM me if you are interested in this offer and include your IM screenames if you have them. Ill probably only check my PM so if you reply here or send me an e-mail I cant guarantee ill get back to you. Dont wait this will go fast! My website is but is temporarily down. Thanks!

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    Re: $60 out of stock server for only $59 with 1 month left

    Originally posted by cartmanrules
    I have three $60 SOLD OUT 2.4ghz servers with cpanel
    ppl will think it's CPanel included with that price.

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    I was unable to PM you. I would really like the server.

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    I've PM you about this server. Waiting for reply as I'm ready to purchase it from you.

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    test ping ip please

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    Server has been sold.

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    Please pm me if you have any left

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    Read your PM's once you have 5 posts.. okay?

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    i now hvae

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    I have one also, if anyone is interested. captg(aim).

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