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    Question Need some suggestions and ideas.. Have a look.

    Hello everyone, and thank you for dropping into this post. After many months of hard work and determination I am now starting to become a little overwhelmed by how busy I am becoming with running my enterprise.

    I need some help and direction with streamlining my business so it is more automated. When I first started doing this I was using MB and did not like how I could not setup recurring billing for hosting so that customers only had to enter their info in once and everything would go from there.

    After looking everywhere for a good script to meet our needs, we decided to have a custom script made in which runs like a shopping cart. User selects the Domain name, the hosting package and after the first 30 days we email them with a link to another custom script for recurring hosting payments only. This script automatically sets them up on recurring billing, as there is no way to only charge them once for the domain name and then recurring for the hosting in that initial order.

    This system worked perfectly for the first year. However it didn't place the clients into any kind of spread sheet or database for tracking. Instead I created a folder for every client on my PC and kept all of their information stored in those folders.

    Now here is where the real problem is coming into effect. This year most if not all my clients need to renew their domain names and hosting, some just the hosting and I have no idea who is what and where. Also trying to keep track of all the accounts and expiry dates is making me go blind, trying to manually send out email notices every week to let them know their account is going to expire is also very labor intensive.

    I am wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions, whether it be scripts, complete management utilities, anything or any suggestions you may have to help me accomplish my goal of becoming more automated so that I do not have to keep track of everything manually.

    Any help with this would be very much appreciated and I thank everyone for their time in reading this post and look forward to your feedback.



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    The best bet for your situatiuon would probably be to purchase an automated billing & client management system. Depending on what control pannel you use there are mnay hosting automation scripts out there that would do all of this for you.

    Another option for you would be to have your custom developed software developed even further to perform all the desired tasks.

    - James

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    I'm really confused. We use ModernBill and have it do all recurring billing no problem. Why couldn't you?

    And I agree with PHPGeek2K3. You need a billing system of some sort that is automated and can do automated creation and suspend.

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    If you are a CPanel/WHM user I would try WHM AutoPilot that includes all the features you are refering to. Once you have it set up and configured to your specs, it automates the process for you. However, right now they only support enom for domains as well as a short list of payment gateways that you can check on, if it suits you. I gather that they are including more domain companies and payment processors in their next release due shortly. They permit you to try the product before you purchase it.
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