hello fellow webbies.

i have a question reguarding e-payment systems and adverts in general.
after reading through all the popular pay things like paypal ect ect i noticed most have their own affiliates program thing bundled that can bring a few extra pence for hits referd from my site. this is fine by me.
but the question is ?
can i sign up to my own affil's and get them to pay into my "paypal / yowcow ect ect ?

lot of affiliates seem to want bank account and address ect ect to send payments

does anyone know sites or listing of affiliates that will allow me to get paid direct to my " paypal / ect ect account ?

as iv never made money from the internet or advertiseing in the past i would be greatfull for any good site that can help me (not talking about get rich stuff) but in general on how to make a respectable online buissness, leagal do's n donts , anything you feel will be of some help will be welcome.
to be honest i dont want to become a rouge trader /rippoff merchant for a mistake i made,

thanks alot guys n girls
look forward to hearing from you.

does anyone know a payment system that dont require credit card / bank to join .... basicaly free-account that will only recieve payments "maybe let me buy stuff from ppl useing same pay system" and if i want the cash they can send payment by mail "in money order or chekque form.