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    Rellers, WHM: Launch Advertisements on accounts

    Hi, is it possible to have advertisements on all accounts created by my reseller?

    Ads, like maybe a small bar at the bottom?

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    You might be able to set thier skeleton directory to include an htaccess file that has some lines that post extra text on the bottom of all of thier pages. But anyone with web experience would know to just edit the file.

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    has anyone done this before or know how to do it?

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    Is this for free accounts or your trying to advertise on paid accounts aswell? Just curious as this may not be accepted by all clients .. But yes it is possible
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    I wouldn't suggest this for paid accounts, but either way, if you do it, ensure that it is in your TOS and that all your clients that will have your advertisements on their site know before they sign up.
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    ^ dont worry about it on my end, i will only be doing this for my free accounts.

    So does anyone know how to do it?

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    You could edit the control panel skin in which you will be displaying for free accounts and place an include or something for the file/script you will be using as an advertisement.

    You will need either root access or you will need to have theme alterations enabled on your reseller account.

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    Hm, i wonder how geocities does it.

    Any ideas on an alternative?


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    I was looking for this kind of thing too, I have root access. Maybe a way to include the code through an apache mod?
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    sounds like you need xpanel:
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    You can only use xpanel on dedicated server right?

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    yes, i believe so though i would not be the proper person to ask. you may email them or PM user XPanel here at WHT.
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