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    Question Can i have both php mysql aspnet on win 2003?

    1. Can i do hosting both php mysql and on WIN 2003?

    if above yes
    2. Can i do hosting same as those web hosting company? or only can access only one account or one domain?

    if above yes
    3. how to setup a web hosting with come with both php and with as many domain ?


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    Windows 2003 supports PHP and MYSQL and also ASP.NET ( comes integrated in it).

    You can put many domains on one server, many accounts, you just have to closely monitor it for optimum performance with out overloading it.

    To set it up, you would have to install PHP and MYSQL for windows. You can find those on the web at no charge if I am not mistaken.

    Good Luck

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    your question (the last one) is very broad and would require you to probably hire someone to do it for you. It is not so easy to host on windows 2003 for multiple users with php and as well as mysql since it requires some experience as well as knowledge of how things work.

    You can download and isntall both php and mysql for free. You can also include the mySqlDriverCS for which will allow users to connect to mysql dbs without ODBC.

    Good luck

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    sorry. because i don't have knowledge of any program.recently i bought a book and learnhow to use this programming . now i have successful created something same as friendster.

    But i don't know php and mysql at all. how to know my computer able to support php mysql. because after i install it, and i download phpbb, it unable to work. it is my PC still can't support php .

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    Your PC doesn't support PHP!

    You must install a webserver and configure it to run PHP, then put the scripts in the root directory of webserver.

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    i not sure how to install php and mysql. is it must install inside wwwroot. example wwwroot/php or wwwroot/asp/php

    recently i install phpdev and is successful able to use. but my localstart is taken by phpdev. mean my asp cannot run which used to able to run localstart/asp/testing.asp

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    You can put it on your pc. If you have windows 2000 or windows xp professional, you can install the webserver component called Internet Information Services (IIS). You can do this from the control panel in add remove programs>add remove windows components. If you dont have win2k or XP pro, you can download a webserver called apache.
    Either way, search on google for something like "setting up apache in windows". After you setup the webserver, look at the installation guides for mysql and php. They have instructions for apache and IIS

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    never mind. i had uninstalled the phpdev.

    but if i want to install php, mysql and Apache. will my ASP unable to use?

    I read it from other site , teach me how to install all this , i haven't install any one them. So am i still able to use my asp if after install?

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    ASP is part of IIS, so yes you will be able to use it....
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    Edit: yep. what he said.

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    i had search alot of website abt apache and IIS6 running together. Some website show those step SITE this is one of the example.

    but i still unable to run my ASP or when php able to run.

    If i del the folder of php and del away php.ini and a few files in windows anything call php. then my PHP cannot run and my ASP and can run..

    Does anyone really know the step or had try before or any web site show both IIS6 and apache can run together at SAME TIME.


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    does anyone know how to active both IIS and apache work totally on single PC and use at same time

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