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    Should my start-up webhosting business also purchase a dedicated windows server?

    Good Evening,
    As part of our business plan,we are trying to determine whether we should purchase a dedicated windows server in order to offer it to customers.

    My question to everyone, what have you all seen as far as need for windows hosting services. Should we just stick with a unix based server for the first year? or should we just shell out the extra money each month for the windows server.

    We have a limited budget to start-up, but we'd like to do this right and plan on becoming a solid performer in the hosting business.

    Thanks for any input!


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    Considering that you are just starting up and have a limited budget, I would advise you to work out a deal with some only Windows host to refer windows clients to them in exchange for Unix ones.

    good luck in hosting industry!


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    It all depends on your targeted clientele. In the hosting business, the more variety you have, the better off you are. Giving your customers a wide range of choices will be beneficial and expose you to both sides of the market (i.e. linux users and windows users).

    That said, perhaps start out with a Linux box and a Windows box, and incorporate those into your business plan.


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    If you can startoff with both then do it! because once you start advertising and people come across you and see just linux they wont know that after xxx months you added windows, so they will think you're just a linux host, so if you want to add it later then you will have to come up with campaigns where you already advertised that Offer Windows Now! great prices with great support! You will kind of have to rebrand your business for windows if you start with one and vice versa thanks
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