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    Unhappy Strange...


    Last week I changed the DNS settings of my domains to my new hosting account @ webhostingbuzz.

    Untill now, everything's just great with WHB, but there's just one thing (not related to WHB, but to my computer I think...) When I try to access my sites, sometimes it works, sometimes not. Sometimes it works with "http: //" and (at the same time) NOT when I put "www" in front of

    On my friends desktop (using the same ISP as me, so I don't think it's a propagation issue) there's no problem whatsoever, it's only on my computer...

    When ain't accessible, I can't connect using the IP address either. I don't think it's a virus either, as I formated my C drive yesterday, I have a totally updated version of Norton. Even when I clear the cache of my browser nothing happens...

    I think this is all quite odd. Can somebody help me out here please?


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    check it from / if its all fine then you're almost positive its from your PC , then try checking your PC's nameservers setup is it pointing to the correct ones? you have another type of setup at your PC which is different than your friend's setup.
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