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    Thumbs up - 3 months review.

    I was looking more for a multi-domain plan than a resellers.
    And after a lot of research I decided to go with Monte, thechark,

    As WHT was a good point to start that research, I feel I have to return here to talk about my experience. Two words: almost perfect

    Don't know if there is better/cheaper plans. I find all features I need, and a lot I don't need now, but who knows in the future. I'm very confortable here.
    I had some doubt about their support forum cause i don't see a lot of movement. Now I know the reason: if you don't need support, usually you don't use the support forum. Only one problem since Feb. with a Fantastico script upgrade. (obviusly resolved)
    Can't tell anything about support tickets cause I never need to use them. And I think that's the best you can wait.

    Well in other hand they are absolutely concerned with security and uptime. They always warns about maintenance works even when they believe it takes only 5 minutes.

    Well done Monte, Ross and company!

    P.D.: I remembered Monte don't like this reviews a lot. Sorry!
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    It's hard keeping news about such great customer service to yourself, especially when you consider the number of bad host reviews you can read about here. I'm just glad I made the decision to go with resellershosting over a year ago.

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    Glad to hear that you are happy with your hosting provider....kudoos to up the good work....please keep WHT updated about your reviews and experiences ....

    Good Luck

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    Hmm he should probably renew the domain though
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    1,216 ??? it not working

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    thanks for the review I had been thinking of going with them and its good to hear others having good experiences.

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    I can't get to their site either. Hmm... It appears that they may have some downtime.

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    No downtime, lets just say there was a administration issue with dotster over the transfer and ownership of a our domain name.

    Cannot say more right now but it will be back online soon.

    Willam thank you for the review we are always happy to get customer feedback on how we are doing either in public or private, it allows us to hopefully be a better host.
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