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    CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage?

    recently I rent a VPS service, I'm just wondering the actual meaning of CPU/Memory/MySQL Usage on whm server status page.

    In the server status report , It shows my process(it's one of my account like used 25% cup , 5% memory, 15.3 mysql process.
    I want to know if the figure 25% is based on the whole server(2cpu) or just based on my own virutal server(they allocate me 128 Mhz+ cpu rate), 5% memory is base on my own memory size "128M " or base on the whole server 4G memory?
    does The figure "15.3" mean there are 15 mysql process are running at the moment? what is the ".3"?
    and can you tell me , if one of my account has 25% -30% cup usage and %5-%6 memory usage, does that mean my site use a lot resource. or it's just normal.
    thank you very much!

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    Depends on technology your VPS provider is running. I'm positive, though, that the processes which you are able to see are only the ones which you (your VPS) have created.

    And the mystical "server status report" can be anything from voices in your head to some custom unix command - i.e., it does not mean anything without specifying details, where you are getting it from.

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