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    ComputerStore.US, TeenPorn.US and others...

    Hey there could you plz appraise a few domainnames for me?
    These are the domains:

    Single domains:

    Packages: /

    I am happy for whatever opinion I can get on whatever domains of these (or an all ).

    Thx for reading and thx in advance for giving some opinions

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    don't like the look of

    seems like it could be used innapropriately

    However could fetch well into the mid xxx range

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    ic what you mean tekdek, allthough it is not meant by me that way at all. I simply regged some .us-porn-domains that had good OVT rankings... also I understood it that way, that YoungPorn equals about the TeenPorn, directing at users that wanna see Porn with young models but over 18.

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    I totally understand Pyro. I am just stating some pervert on the web could misuse it.

    But you have some VERY nice domains there

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    I understood you, tekdek

    any more appraisals?

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    no one?

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    up again

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