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    a few questions..

    i understand everything about control panels and starting a webhosting company except for one thing, the website you setup for your webhosting company. how to you exactly setup the billing and put the packages up etc.. for your hosting company? is there a way to automate it so everytime you update packages from you control panel it updates the site? how does billing work? are there forms included or anything to help your client signup for hosting from my company website? please give me an overview of these questions if not specifics to each, thanks

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    Learn HTML (and possibly PHP) and you'll be on your way. Just make a site, with some information about your company, contact information and what not, and for your hosting packages page, just list your packages, make it look nice, etc.

    Automated billing solutions can be achieved by way of Modern Bill. (

    Also, Helm control panel has automated purchasing solutions so when you create packages in the control panel, it will update, and your links on your packages page will go to the Helm order page.

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    It doesn't sound like you're ready to start a web hosting business. Those are the types of questions your clients will expect you to answer.
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