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    Question How to use TermServ/Remote Desktop through HTTP proxy?

    Is it possible to use Windows Remote Desktop/TermServ through a HTTP proxy? I just bought a server, but I am at work here, and the only way we can get out of our network is through a HTTP proxy. I asked them to open up my computer to be able to access Termserv for me and they rejected that idea, but they also said that if I could get it to work with their existing architexture (IE, get it working through the HTTP proxy) they would not mind.

    My computer here is one of about 10,000 and does not have its own WAN IP address, only a LAN one, and I can only get out of my network through the corporate HTTP proxy/firewall -- it allows me to HTTP to any port though (SSL only on port 443 though).

    Anyone know how to get Termserv/Remote Desktop Connection (Windows 2003 Specifically) working over a HTTP proxy? I'd really love any advice on this.

    Thanks in advance!

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    BTW, it doesnt HAVE to be termserv, any remote admin tool will work as long as it lets me manipulate the GUI via a HTTP proxy, and is stable/works well.

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