Tired of:
- Submitting multiple support tickets for the same problem?
- Hours and hours of downtime with no response?
- Cut-throat package X for $4.95, $4.92, $1.92 only to be disconnected if you come even close to the advertised bandwidth limit?
- Claims of 24x7 only to be given a screenname?

We know you want:
- Sufficient, no-hassle access and availability to tools facilitating PHP, MySQL, JSP, PostgreSQL, Perl, Python development to get the job done.
- The ability to call someone, anyone... at work, in the field, on the job, at home, wherever necessary. Not just anyone, but the "right" person for your account and resource.
- No extended downtimes outside maintenance scope, a reliable network and the ability to control your own backup mechanisms on the host.
- Managed applications
- Access to development personnel with experience in web, e-commerce and database programming that can answer your development questions, point you in the right direction, and offer you custom code on the fly to solve your problems.
- Affordable hosting packages, but not such that sacrifices the quality you need to grow a site, run a business, and manage risk.

At WebMasters, Inc., we offer quality services that other hosts just can't match. We have personnel on staff with web development experience, R&D experience at Fortune 500 firms, server administration credentials and the different combinations of skills it takes to pull all these technologies together effectively.

In business and incorporated since 1998, we've weathered the storm of the .bomb, grown as technologies have emerged and continually improved the quality and effectiveness of our business model.

With the exception of individuals and small corporations that have taken a hiatus from web operations or been the non-surviving entity of business mergers, we've seen no turnover of customers. They remain happy to this day. Not many companies can make that claim.

All WebMasters, Inc. accounts are backed by contract and services are custom tailored to the needs of the individual or business. Direct access is given for customers to the point of contact responsible for the machine, application or resources allocated for the particular customer.

All accounts can feature services such as:

Linux Hosting
MySQL and PostgreSQL database support
Plesk 7 control panel interface
Unlimited e-mail services including anti-spam and antivirus mail services at no extra charge
PHP/Perl/Python/mod_perl/mod_python/CGI/JSP/Servlet programming.
Mailman mailing list support
SSH and FTP access

Please submit a request for proposal on our web-site. Please be as specific as possible. All new customers should be prepared to have previous hosts consulted as to terms of separation as well as be consulted about experiences with previous hosts, etc.

Our customers depend on their web-sites. Candidates are interviewed at length to ensure the integrity of our shared resources are maintained and to make sure the most appropriate match of services and offerings are matched with the customer.

Hosting packages start at $15/mo. for 15 GB of bandwidth a month and 5 GB of storage. All accounts feature multiple MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, unlimited e-mail services with anti-spam and antivirus, scripting support and web statistics provided by Urchin.