I just built a new server, and installed redhat 9, which comes with apache 2.0.40 and perl 5.8.0. I got apache up and running, and I can view standard html pages. Perl works, on the server through the CLI. However, if I try to access a perl script over apache, it just returns a 'premature end of script headers' error. No more info then that, even in the error logs. I have apache running under a user called apache, and my scripts are all under the same user, and chmod 0755. Ive searched through some docs, and all Ive managed to gather is that it could possibly be due to a mistake in my permissions (Which I dont think is the problem, it seems fine to me), and the error means its stoping before the header is printed. Even a basic 'hello world' script wont run, except through CLI. Ive setup a few servers before, and Ive never had this problem. Any help is appreciated