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    Need a Layout Done

    Hi, I need a layout done -- something really close to just different colors, perhaps Blue/Grey and white/black BG(Whatever Looks better) - I'm running a jokes site and i need to get a layout that's easy to use and stuff.
    Oh Yeah, Don't make it look like we copied it EXACTLY, but really close.
    I'm aware that this is a pretty easy layout to do, so I can't really offer too much.
    -- I can offer:
    Adminstrator of my forums (Not Up Yet, But Reserve you a spot)
    It's going to be a forum like this, but with a bigger variety of forums you can post in.
    ^ Btw, The Moderator positions are going fast (But yours can be reserved for just a simple layout)

    What's needed:
    Left Menu Bar
    Bar at the top (On EbaumsWorld They have:
    Text | ENews | Pics | Work | Animation | Soundboards | Prank Calls | Audio | Video | Sports | Games | Illusions | Magic | Forum | Chat
    Send Us Email Advertising Privacy Press Legal Help Staff)
    Some spaces just as they have(That little space for banners RIGHT underneath the Top Menu bar) & Some Space for some on the side (probably some google adverts)

    P.S. MAYBE - If I feel it that Im impressed greatly by the layout, I'll give you some free advertising spots for your site on Funnylaughs or My Forums(Not Up Yet) - (Not Guaranteed however)
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    Bleh, Been 15 mins.
    Anyhow, Here's the link to my New Forums Topic just to show you all the people who want to be part of my staff.
    Anyhow, Hopefully Someone(Or multiple people) will make the layout(s). There can be multiple "submissions" in this -- I'm not picking the best, but if it's horrible, You're not getting anything.
    If you're interested, Please leave your AIM ScreenName AND OR MSN Screename AND Email.
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    Can you not offer anything else but Administrative permissions on your website which hasnt been released.

    Basically you want it for free?

    Good Luck anyway.
    James Talbot
    E-Mail - [email protected]

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    The Web Forum Adminstrator position is guaranteed, Just the forums aren't up yet. And The Advertising is more than likely going to be included, cause the layout should be good, since it's quite simple (so it looks) to be made.

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