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    Looking for new hoster

    i currently have a server with ipowerweb and i am now looking for a new dedicated server hoster. My server has gone down twice with ipowerweb first time it took a week and a half to get back and it was formatted. it has just gone down again and i have decided to leave them. i am looking for a new host, i need $50 a month dedicated self managed server. im looking at the starter package at server4you (i need an irc allowed server).If anyone has any comments on how stable server4you is or if anyone knows any better hosts please post.

    Cheers Jazza

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    Why don't you look at our list of under-$50 providers. I remember now aitcom, but there are constantly new kids popping up on the hosting block.
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    $50 with IRC allowed, thats really pushing it. I don't think you will find such services. Push the budget to $150-200 and you will find decent providers.
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