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    Resellership Account For Sale

    For sale 51 resold HOSTING ACCOUNTS from MPC Networks (see also: -- they host over 25,000 domains since 1998) they cost only USD 35 per year to renew each account. Many extra credits available (more than 21 domain name registrations, 2 registrar transfers) and an account at, and + direct contact information to the company!

    Normally you would pay more than USD 200 per account (well over 10,000 dollar), now you can buy them all, including 1 month free support to assist in the transfer and help you get your business started, for only USD 5,000 -- special payment plan: 5 payments of USD 1,111 per month (invoiced via -- this includes all costs, all features and our getting-settled support.

    You can charge your clients anything you want. Many services are included in the free cPanel (see also: You can charge your clients per feature and even per month -- so this could make a great extra income stream.

    With a 30-DAY MONEY REFUND GUARANTEE (except for a USD 100 processing fee). No fine-print, you get everything you need (including a sales website).

    We have been with MPC since 1999! Sure, their support is not the fastest - but all our problems have been solved within 24 hours. We got many services for free because we have a good contact with them. This is a great deal for a small WEBDESIGNER who currently has 10 to 45 little clients (especially when those clients want a lot of features for free and still pay little for hosting).

    PS: Are you currently an MPC Reseller, contact us for additional/other options.

    PPS: See also where MPC currently asks 5,000 (excluding the processing and payment fees) for just 50 accounts - without all the extra's).
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