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    Anyone running Win 2003 Web Ed.? - Strange problem!

    Hello All,

    I am running a Win 2003 Web server with MySQL 4.0.18/PHP 4.3.6/Kayako esupport/Zen Cart.

    It was running great for 2 weeks and I decided to reboot it for no apparent reason.

    The server came back up but the Website has not. Has anyone ever seen this before? IIS has started but I am not able to view the site when I remote desktop in to http://localhost.

    I am beginning to think that it was good that I reboot the server if not this problem would have gone un-noticed.


    El kabong

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    Hi again,

    Sorry about the last post. I think I know where the problem is.

    I wanted Kayako esupport to handle POP3 e-mails through the IMAP interface and I removed the semicolons to enable the extensions below in C:\windows\php.ini as instructed in the Kayako installation guide.


    When I rebooted the server the website would not come back up but I edited php.ini and replaced the semicolons and the site is back up now.

    Therefore, I still need to get esupport to handle emails somehow.

    Eel Kabong

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