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    Any way to publish website thru corporate firewall?

    Anyone can guide me on how to bypass my corporate firewall/proxy?

    I wish to publish my personal site to internet, too bad when i use frontpage extension and also FTP, i couldnt get to access the hosting site.

    I am a biginner in this matter, really appreciate if anyone here can help me out.


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    Maybe try changing the nameservers on your local machine. If the permissions allow.

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    Originally posted by Rob_AcuNett
    Maybe try changing the nameservers on your local machine. If the permissions allow.
    I dont really get what u mean, mind to elaborate more on how to change nameservers in my localmachine?

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    Whelp it sounds like your corporation control certain ports that are needed to publish to the internet. In that case the only way to do so would be to contact the network admin and ask him if there is a way to allow access of your webiste for ports 80 and 8080, which should make your site available to internet users.
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    Sorry guys, i think i dint state my question clearly before this.

    I actually subscribe to an external web hosting package, while i try to publish my site to the hosting site, i am not able to do so. either i upload it thru FTP or frontpage extension. I am doing this from my corporate network, which no doubt is behind a proxy server and firewall.

    I am not publishing my site in my own server.

    so,any clue that i can FTP to my subscribed hosting site?


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    Use Socks.

    So many open Socks are available on the net. Use those in your ftp client's connection setting. Choose Socks on the port which your firewall is allowing ( like 1080, 8080,80,23 - that you have to find out ) And start ftping :p . I think it will help you.
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