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    How to on Internet Marketing!

    I am looking to get to a target audience of real estate businesses and used car dealer businesses but i have no clue how. Is there any resource that has a how to on internet marketing?

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    Great first step of choosing a target market!

    Next, start of locally, there must be real estate in your place yea? send them your corporate brochure and portfolio, start working with some of them and once you have added a few RE to your portfolio you can say that you have the right experience to turn RE websites into informative tools.

    Check this link of RE brokers, you can offer an incentive to try out your services (

    You can advertise on such sites which have real estate site listings

    The best way you can target them is to go locally and build up a few clients in that industry and then use it to sell your services.

    Advertise on real estate related keywords and car related keywords.

    Participate in Google Groups for real estate
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    Alternatively, you can try
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    Realestate brokerages typicaly have meetings on a weekly basis where all of the individual agents attend. At these meetings several vendors come in to advertise their services such as business card printing, sign creation etc...

    Call up your local brokerages, tell them you would be interested in getting some time to talk at their local meetings and see what happens.

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