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    Mysql Error 2013

    Just installed mysql server and client on my server and installed MySQL Administration program on my windows pc,

    Connected to mysql server with this admin program, but whenever I want to do something, it says:

    MySQL Error Nr.2013

    Lost connection to MySQL server during query

    Anyone know what's wrong here? Everytime I want to restore SQL or adding users, it gives that error

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    Did you make sure the MySQL port was not blocked in the firewall? Or if you have a firewall, try disabling it to see if that fixes the problem.

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    What version MySQL? OS? This is probably a bug, reiinstall a newer MySQL version.


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    MySQL-server-4.0.20-0.i386 and OS: Fedora 1

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    Does your MySQL daemon crash (look at /var/db/mysql/*err) ? Because I'm
    currently seeing this on CURRENT, but STABLE works perfectly for me...

    Check that out... (The thread continues). And i seen another one that was RedHat specific. Looks like 75% or more of 2013's are solved by reinstall's (Google 'mysql error 2013')

    Good Luck,
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