Basically, what I need is a php script that runs off template files (or its easy for me to skin).

Note that this is a very brief overview

The script is for a marketplace for a few games. It will need to have:
a)A directory of all shops in the game
-Shops can list items for sales, specials, their location, add notes
-Shops also get a personal website hosted by us, run off a template
or they code it themself. All that appears is our header.
-A bit more, this is a brief overview

b)An Auction Section for Game Objects
-Runs a bit like ebay

c)A Solo Object for sale Items for Sale Section
-Kind of like the ebay buy now feature

d) Searchable Items Database
- Searches all shops, auctions and buy now. THe user can choose from several specifications such as betwen x and x price range, in real .. etc.

e)Job Postings
-Users can post jobs and pay in this section. Searchable by Galaxy, Type, Pay, Pay per hour, Task Time, Required by etc.

This is just a brief overview of the script that I need. I wish to retain 100% rights over this script, and own re-sale rights on it (I do not intend on sellign it much, I just do not wish for similar sites to easily appear)

Please post here if you have the TIME and SKILLS required to complete this script. I can pay you in either
a) Money (who doesnt love it)
b) Resellable Web space through (Will be dermined once you contact me).

If you are interested, please PM me or e-mail me on alexanderb[at]