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    Looking For A vBulleting License To Purchase

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    So much hastle with the possibility of a chargeback, I would personaly pay full price mate as there is no chance of you getting ripped off or nuthin!

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    I would pay full price also, not only because of all of the pirated licenses that are out there but its a great product and they will provide you with support if you purchase a legitimate license from them. It is well worth it.
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    Yes but if the license is more than six months old they can't do a charge back, is that correct?
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    Bright-Byte as far as I know that is correct.

    P.S. Wasn't there someone selling a vb license here a couple days ago?

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    Well, if there was someone selling one here recently, where did they go?

    Anybody selling? There has to be someone?

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    Does nobody bother to look for buys now a days? Some guy posted to sell a vb license in here earlier today, he got his buyer, it wasnt me.

    Why dont people bother looking with their eyes first? I mean, he wanted to sell, I wanted to buy, match made in heaven, right?

    Anyways, I still needa license, if anyone is still interested in selling, please let me know ASAP.

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    Does it matter if it is a leased license?

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    Yes, it does, I would prefer an owned license, but I guess if the price was right, then a leased license would be alright.

    But once again, only if the price is right.

    Otherwise, I only want an owned license.

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