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    I would like an estimate of what my network is worth

    I'm currently not thinking of actually selling, but I would just like an estimate of what my network is actually worth.

    Actually, it isn't much of a network really, since I never really got as far as making it into that, but it's a good start nevertheless.

    The main crowd-attractions are Zelda Universe ( which attracts around 6,000-8,000 unique visitors these days (around game releases we've been up to 14,000 per day), and Planet Mega Man ( which currently draws in close to 6,000 visitors per day. In addition, both of these sites host smaller sites of their genre, which aren't very significant to the visitor numbers. Both of the main sites are the most popular fan sites for the respective game series they cover, and both are ranked extremely convinient in most major search engines, which is obviously the main reason for their respectable stats.

    The network also includes the domain (this is what I plan to be the hub for the network, when I actually get time to finish it. As of now it's just an inactive domain name) and the Zelda related domains and .

    Currently the net ad revenue for the network is between $800 - $1000 dollars, the majority of this comes from BURST! and Google AdSense. I am sure that someone with the right contacts could easily double these revenues, since BURST! take 50% of the revenue straight into their own pockets, and more targeted ads would also mean increased revenue.

    As I said, I'm not really thinking of selling (some insane offers might convince me to change my mind however ), but I am mainly interested in seeing what the network is currently worth.

    Any thoughts?

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    Easily worth $20k, and up to the right buyers.

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    I would estimate $10k based on the sites and ad revenue.
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    Sizzly is more right $10k based on the ad revenue.
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    Very impressive sites. I'd rate the two main sites quite a bit higher than $10,000 based on the revenue generated as well as the ability to market your own products to such a mass audience. I'd definately be looking more towards the $20,000 mark.
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    Great sites indeed and I would go with Amdac on this, between 15K and 20K should be a decent price for the netwrok of sites!

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    I'd say it'd be around $10 000-$12 000. Is there a reason that your selling the site?

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    I say that you start providing more methods of advertising on your site. You could easily be generating over $2,000 a month in ad revenue. Your sites are worth far more than 10,000 - 20,000 in my opinion.
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    If you go for professional appraisals, they would list about $25k. But the prices here in WHT seem to be very low... Part of the reason being people here are more contemporary.

    I had 2 appraisals done, and the site was marked at $2500. So, I set a buyout price of $1800. But the people here thought it wasn't worth more than $500!

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    I can see revenue easily doubling if you managed to get more dynamic ads such as the ones at UGO or GameSpot. You might want to look into joining UGO.

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