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    Opt In Mailing List Mailing Pogram

    Although my host has its own built in mailing list section, (cPanelX), I find all the options rather overbearing.
    So I am looking for a good Mailing prog, that allows subscribing/unsubscribing.
    After spending a few hours trying to get a program called 'Fast Mailer Pro' to work, I am now quite frustrated. (It says it is sending mail, but it isn't). Too bad too, it seems like a nice prog.
    So I am in need of a dependable and good mailing program.
    My last web site at its peak had 35,000 unique IP hits a month, but I never had the forsight to use an opt in mailing program to keep all interested parties informed.
    Now that I am on a new venture, I need this capability.
    So what is a good program for this?
    Thank you all....

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    Tomus, there are loads of these.

    We use a very simple one called announcer on our site. But for a new site I have got a more complex one called Active Campaign. Still testing it but it seems to do everything you could want.

    I have also tried mojomail (with its magic book) and some others.

    The active one is the best so far in terms of easy admin and a nice bounce facility built in.

    For simplicity announcer is perfect, really just a couple of pages. Works fine as well, but no auto removal for bouncing mails..

    If you like to get slightly techie then mojomail might be more you bag. I like plug and play myself. :-)

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    Well I seem to be unable to find Active Campaign.
    You have a web address?

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    Like I say I have not tested this live with a real big mailing list, but it appears to be excellent. Initial tests have went very well.

    Plus I have been testing letting some of our hosted sites use it too. Saves them running scripts with no bounce checking and us getting spam complaints.

    But I cannot recommend it yet. Maybe in a few months once we have used it on a live site for a while. Still well worth a look though.

    Maybe someone else has used it?


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    oemPRO by octech. Amazing program.
    Axcelx Technologies - James
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    Crucial, oemPRO looks great but it requires Register_globals to be turned on in PHP conf, this is a major security risk. What do you think ?

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