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    phpAdsNew questions, please help..

    First off, I really hope this isn't the wrong place. And second, I have read the admin guide, twice actually. I have some setup questions.

    Under Local banner (Webserver) configuration, I have the options of Local Directory, and External FTP. I chose External FTP just because I couldn't get local to work. I don't know what it's asking for, I tried directories on my hard drive, the path to my server, and a few more things, but it told me it was invalid. What do I need to put here, and which do you suggest, External or Local?

    And after that, which would I add first, a publisher or advertiser? And again, what would the difference between those two be?

    Sorry for the what probably are dumb questions, but I definetly did try to figure it on my own for about 2 hours so, anyone that can help is appreciated.

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    I can't really help you with the first question, as my server is down right now being reformatted, etc.

    You should add an Advertiser first, then add the banners that you would like to display.

    After that you would add a publisher and link the banners to the publisher account.

    An Advertiser is someone that is putting banners into rotation... fo example, if you wanted to add a banner for a website... that's where the advertiser comes in.

    A Publisher is someone with a website that would like to display the ads for whatever reason. The publisher area is made available so you, or the publisher, can get the proper code needed for displaying the adverts.

    Hope that helps a little


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    Ah, yes, that definetly helped. Thanks a lot bud.

    Anyone think they can help with my first inquiry?

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    On your first question

    why dont you skip that and use "Allow local banners (SQL)" instead ?

    that way the banners are stored on the database ..
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    Thank you very much sir, I wasn't aware of that option. Done

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