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Thread: Forum Bandwidth

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    Forum Bandwidth

    Hi. I was wondering what kind of monthly bandwidth would be generated with a fairly active forum. Thanks.

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    Based upon how many members being active?
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    Ohhhhh lets say, 50-100 active users at any given time.

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    A board the size of phpBB's own board probably uses around 70-100GB a month, my guess.

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    Depending upon the type of forum, it would generally be around 5 GB or more. Try 5 GB for now, if it overflows the limit (which i dont think it will) just add a couple more Gigs. Hope that helps

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    When I ran a large vBulletin with about 120 people logged in at any given time and 12000 members (500k posts or so), it used approx 90GB a month.

    You can make this bigger or smaller by how well you mod it and what you do with your images, etc.

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