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    Unique website design (hosting) (PSD for sale)

    Due to certain time restrictions with current client work im unable to complete this design which i planned to sell at a later date when it was finnished, however under the circumstances ratherthen let it rot away in a folder i decided to see if anyone wanted to take over.

    What you get :
    The full psd with exclusive ownership rights
    A huge thankyou from me for not letting my work die
    A Vastly unique webhosting design unlike all the other Huge flash header and big buttons all over the place style sites, this site could quite easilyl be changed into a personal site as well.

    How does it look?

    I was looking for around $70 for the psd however i just want to sell it so whoever replies, or PM's me with the best offer takes it.


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    Okay price is set at $21, first come first serv ^_^

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    This design has been sold.

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    Design is still for sale, no thanks to a scammer.

    The design is now fully coded and comes with the sliced images, html and source psd, for $30.

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    New Xenohost design created if anyones interested.

    Demo :
    Price : $50
    What you get :
    Full psd
    Sliced and diced, coded HTML and images
    exclusive ownership and reselling rights to the design.
    Payment via : Paypal
    paypal address : [email protected]

    First to purchase, or contact me, takes it.

    also, if you want BOTH xenohost designs, i will discount the other designs price by $10 when purchased together., So $70 for both.


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    If you would please look at this thread naoneo...

    Someone is selling your template. I dont know if he's a scammer but he once tried selling a liquid2d template over there. I have already contacted the mods just waiting for them to take action
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