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    I'm unsure if this is in the right section by anyway.

    I currently own which is using's DNS servers. I decided I wanted to try running my own DNS server so I went and bought (using joker too). So I setup two addresses to point to me, and (added this via the DNS section and you need to register your DNS server or something). So anyway it works but now I don't have access to change or remove them!

    I decided to try and add one on my other domain ( and I have the option there to remove and change its settings. But not the one for the .org domain.

    I really need to modify the settings of the .org domain.

    Any ideas?

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    Looks like the "joker" is on you... bad attempt at humor.

    I would suggest contacting them through a phone number or email and find out directly from them. They should be able to help you out pretty quickly.

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    Yeah I've emailed them. No reply. They never seem to reply to emails :|

    Anyone else had this problem?

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    joker only replies to email and they take forever.
    Domain Maven

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    I use joker and have not had a problem.

    Log into your account and click on service zone. Then it should list all domains you have registered with them. Click on the one you want to edit and go down and make your changes.

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    Yep I know how joker works. I've got two domains with them. The .net domain allows me to change the NS settings where as the .org one doesn't.

    Thanks anyway.

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