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    Server Matrix connection problems?

    Over the last week my server at SM has been getting connection interuptions once or twice a day that I have noticed.

    I have checked the history on the processor, memory, and Bandwidth useage and have not seen any spikes on the machine itself. So I am wondering if anyone else has been having troubles connecting to their server or am I missing something?

    Each of the connection interuptions are typically lasting around 5 minutes.

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    No problems here with our SM boxes. You might check your internet connection.

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    bad nic maybe?
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    I actually have to say that this past week, my SM box has been running better then ever. This month I had been having problems with slightly slower ping times to the server, but it has now improved.

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    Gruler: Where are you based? and who is your ISP?

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    Try doing a trace route when this happens.

    That will narrow it down to your ISP or an SM problem or a problem with your box.

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    I am in Alberta, Canada...but I have people all over the USA that have the problem at the exact same time as I do. So I do not think its my ISP.

    I use the machine as a game server, and when the spike hits we all get a tremendous amount of lag. Most of the time it clears up anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes, then we are back playing. Today was by far the worst though, lasting close to half an hour.

    bad nic maybe?
    Any way of testing the nic, or do I have to get SM to look at it?

    And up until a week ago, the box and connection were fantastic!! That is why I was curious if anyone else had this problem lately as well.

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    It could be a number of things that is why I said do a trace route.

    It narrows down the problem to where it is at. It could be anything between you and them.

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    What uplink router are you on ( Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    Originally posted by TechSolution
    What uplink router are you on (
    How do I find out which one I'm on?

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    I have done a tracert many times since I first started this thread. Each time I do a tracert I normally get 15-18 hops with all hops showing a ping to each hop.

    The very last hop shown when I am having the connection interuptions shows asterisks in place of the pings. Under normal conditions I see pings.

    Would this be telling me that my nic card is bad? Or is the router the last hop I would see?

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    No, the last hop is your server...

    Could you copy and paste a trace route from your connection to your server? Or how about the second to last hop, that tells you what router you're on? Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    This actually have been occuring for some time. I am part of a small gamming community Called subspace I migrated my servers to servermatrix about a year ago and really havent had any problems until recently. Because of the great service i told my other Gaming buddys about thier network So to make a long story short i would guess atleast 50 percent or more of the game population resides on servermatrix servers

    Recently there has been massive ping spikes and at random times the lag causes everyone to disconnect This is a very bad thing when you have 140+ people in one zone disconnect due to lag.

    We have sent in traceroutes so has my associates but nothing is ever done. Needless to say i am looking at different providers currently that can provide steady low ping times to my large player base. Atleast for my game servers. My webservers i have there are perfectly fine and could care less about ping spikes or increases with those :0

    It is very hard to find a stable host now adays. In my line of work i can not afford moving every other month So i have to make sure where i move to next will be for atleast another year.

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    Gruler, no problems here with SM/TP

    Perhaps you could instigate a 3rd party monitoring solution to ping your server every couple of minutes. This can help in determining where the problem lies.
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    Could you post a traceroute for us? Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    Here is a gif taken a couple of days ago. when things are "normal"

    the car router spikes to 230 all the time (which is fine but not normal) I havent been able to catch it when its "acting" up

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    Pings to routers are usually a bit high... Most routers have higher priorties (such as routing packets). Looks like pings to your server (not the hops upto the server) are okay. Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    Yes i understand that. But it spiking to 230 is uncommon. The reason i have come to this conclusion is i have performed this test on several other networks. And the majority spike to around 80ms. And it hasnt done this in the past. Granted 230 is not awful I have been un able to track it down when it actually starts to lag badly So who knows what its going on to But i am convinced its the car router.

    Perhaps when i first ordered the server i was one of the few on it. And now they are loading it up or its just pinging high during peak usage or what. My particular server pushes 500 to 600 gigs a month. The simple fact is. its not a isp related issue its deffinatly somthing in regards to the network. As it effects like i said 140 people at a time.
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    here is one of many screenshots I have taken when the problems are occuring.

    As I said prior, the asterisks are replaced by pings during no trouble times.

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    After they opened that new Broadwing connection up I have noticed a couple people on their forums showing some issues.

    Dont know if that is you over there or not, but I thought I would let you know you might bring it up there as well.

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    My problem is not the connection but rather the connections. Server not supporting many open connections, CPU loads go crazy, and the sites or some more DB-intensive parts of them are simply not opening. Probably RHE-due problems. I am on 2.4.21-9.0.1.EL
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    I'm not having any problems. Below is a trace route from my computer to

    1 <10 ms 10 ms <10 ms
    2 20 ms 20 ms 20 ms []
    3 20 ms 20 ms 20 ms []
    4 20 ms 20 ms 20 ms []
    5 20 ms 20 ms 20 ms []
    6 20 ms 20 ms 20 ms
    7 20 ms 20 ms 30 ms []
    8 40 ms 40 ms 40 ms []
    9 81 ms 40 ms 50 ms []
    10 40 ms 40 ms 40 ms
    11 60 ms 40 ms 50 ms []
    12 40 ms 50 ms 50 ms []

    Trace complete.

    Then again, I'm going through a different customer access router... BUT, I'm not having any problems with Broadwing (my traffic's routing over it and going through the same internet backbone router at The Planet as yours)

    Put in a ticket, it might be a bad card in the router or in your box. Shared Windows 2003 Hosting and Cross-platform Web Development

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    My ping jumped from 45ms to over 90ms because of the broadwing connection they added. My ping goes from Toronto all the way to Vancouver and Seattle before it reaches texas. It goes in a loop around the whole of america instead of just following downwards through New York.

    My ping jumped 2x because of Broadwing.
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