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  • Support

    5 50.00%
  • Price - Features

    2 20.00%
  • Disk space

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  • Bandwidth

    3 30.00%
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    I voted bandwidth, most hosts offer all good features but bandwidth is most expensive and really most important... Support is second most important, if your support is unfriendly or it takes more than a day for any kind of reply...well....thats terrible.

    Edit: I look forward to seeing other peoples opinions, nice thread.

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    bandwidth is the thing to learn more too.
    -Jay, Dermp Hosting Manager
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    although space is as equally important...
    -Jay, Dermp Hosting Manager
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    I consider support the server reliability the most important factor tied with tech support.

    Bandwidth is not that important. Most of the sites out there do not use even 5GB.

    What hosts do is :
    They tend to blind you with high bandwidth. You know why? Because they know that you won't use it Even if someone uses what big hosts offer for like $9 (50GB or more bandwidth), it is not a problem, because 99% of the other users actually do not spend even 10% of the bandwidth allowed. So, the high bandwidth site is automatically payed by the users you do not spend it.

    It is called Bandwidth overselling. This also applies for space, mail accounts, etc.

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    This isnt always the case, I host quite a few online radio stations, they were attracted to me down to the 1200Gb of data transfer they get per month

    I am very much for customising hosting packages for clients, so they always get and pay for what they need, rather than pay for something they dont use (as you rightly said).

    EDIT: Support/Reliability is the most important thing.
    LowCostDedi Ltd -

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    Support is most important.
    - Keith

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