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    How to set up a nameserver on webmin?

    How to set up a nameserver on webmin?

    For example I want to set up

    How can I do that.


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    Do you have bind installed?
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    [list=1][*]Get a domain name[*]Get 2 IPs[*]Create a nameserver host based on your domain name. You will need to do this isn the control panel provided by your registrar. Add and with the respective IP addresses.[*]Install Bind on your server[*]Use the Bind module in webmin to create a new master zone for your domain name. You will need to add at least 2 "A" host entries (for ns1, ns2), then add another 2 "NS" entries for the current zone (leave the zone name part blank and put ns1 or ns2 in the nameserver part)[/list=1]
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    So for step 5, you go to BIND server then, then Address,

    the on Address, you enter such as:

    Name: ns1
    Address: IP addresss

    then what about Update reverse and TTL? Whats that? I dont need to touch that right?


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    TTL (time-to-live) is the time other DNS servers will look up the data on your server again. This is usually set from 60 to 86400 seconds.

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