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    Web hosting business plan?

    I was wondering, would any one mind sharing there web hosting business plan, or one that they, themselves, used as a starting point?

    We are in the process of writing one but want to make sure we cover all of our bases.

    I know alot of you will probably send me flamemail over this question, but I just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    Brent Clements

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    Hey Brent,

    Welcome to the business! A business plan is a great way to set your goals and keep from deviating them them. Now, a web hosting business plan will need the same parts as any business plan. I am actually just going through revising mine for this coming fiscal year. Instead of sharing it with you, though, I would recommend you look at some resources online--as a plan is a plan, and you should do the filling-in to make it YOUR web business plan. If you have the money, springing for software is a great idea--comparing year-to-year plans, actual, and variances is very nice (which this software helps you do). Also, read up on articles from Entrepreneur Magazine's It's an EXCELLENT source for all thing entrepreneurial. Sorry if I'm not much help, just hope you don't get any flames from here.



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    make it yourself
    it's better and you'll got with what you want

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