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    What do you recommend?

    Hi guys,

    I need your advice about what is the best option (cost-benefit)
    for my requirements:

    I have a postnuke site with 25,000 page views daily and it use about 25 GB tranfer/month.

    This is a dj related portal an we will implement new modules giving the visitors the chance of upload their demos (in mp3 format without copyright) and the other visitors will rate them, give one page for each dj in order to publish his profile, etc.

    We expect to grow up to 100,000 page views in the next 3 months

    We need the enough space for host the mp3 and some videos (up to 30 GB in total may be less) and the most important for us is the speed and reliability.

    As you can see this site is based totally in mysql.

    In one or max two monthis we will host other mysql based sites (oscommerce shop and record pool system)

    What do you recommend? Dedicated server? What configurations?

    Currently I have a dedicated server P4 2.0 Ghz and i GB RAM RH Linux 7.3 with Cpanel and kernel 2.4.20-27.7. My load average is between 3 and 6 (I think that I have not the optimal configuration and for that the sites is slow, but I want to know your opinion) What type of optimization do I have to do and what type of service or server do I need?)

    Thank you all for you help


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    Something is definitely wrong there if your load averages are that high on a dedicated box with only one site with the specs you are stating. Your downloads are probably the least consuming for actual server performance issues.

    A link to your site would help, but here's my best guesses with what you've told us.

    How many mods and such have you installed on your site? Mods tend to up the number of MySQL queries. Check top and see what is eating up your resources the most. If it is MySQL, find a decent programmer to optimize your code. This will be cheaper in the long run as opposed to having to run a second server just for your databases.

    Second, hire an system admin to optimize your server. I recommend gpan from He'll get rid of some unneeded stuff and get your box in better working order.

    You can try a dual xeon server with 2 GB of DDR to get those loads down, but honestly, I really don't think you're at that level yet where you need to go through that expense.
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    My site is: www . comunidadelectronica . com

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    Looks like you have some other sites on that server... Actually quite a few. Are you sure it is dedicated?
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    I had 100 domains on that server an my load average was so high, one week ago I transferred all sites to other server and now comunidadelectronica . com is the only live site on the server
    the load average mentioned is the current.

    I have other 8 domains in the server but not used.

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