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    Quick SSL certificate questions...

    I have a couple of questions regarding SSL certificates. I need to know the most efficient way to cover different areas of my site.

    I'd like to cover cpanel login for my customers. I understand that if they use thier domain ( they wouldn't have the same protection and that is ok.

    I would also like to cover the members & billing area, and obviously the ordering area (I will be using my own merchant account).

    I only need the certificate to cover certain areas of the site and not the whole thing, what is the best way to go about this?

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    newest cpanel has a setup option to force ssl entry. you don't really need a ssl cert for that, it uses a server signed one which is still secure.

    your cert will cover the whole domain ( and you just link to what you want secure by doing

    so if your linking to billing have the link be and it'll switch to ssl
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    Great. I was hoping it would be that easy. Thanks.

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