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    would you buy a design company? (survey before selling)


    I have just returned from overseas, and i have rethought my goals and objectives, and i think the internet is just not for me.

    I have one of my last assets, a design company specialising in banners which is functionally complete. this design company has a minimalistic design, though not too minimilistic, and is already functional.

    it however has no portfolio (because i do not believe in handing over the portfolio along with the company- its misrepresentation), and contacts in the market. It has also not been marketed in any way.

    There has been one partnership made between it another company.

    Also, this company is made to specialise in banners, however if you instead want it to include other areas, it is fine with me.

    this company would be best suited to work on niche jobs- skinning for WHMautopilot, modernbill, clientexec and other related niches, etc.

    If there is anyone interested in purchasing this company, kindly mail me at [email protected]. how much would you offer for this?

    the package includes:
    - template, PSD
    - domain name
    - small reputation that has been built up
    - complete site
    - signup system
    - writeups and other texts


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    If you had contract work or a minimal number of leads each month, then I would consider acquiring your business, but the only assets you have are things I could purchase with a few bucks.
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    ok thanks- i'm giving it to my brother, who will continue the business.

    Thanks for your help

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