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    POP3 before SMTP User Priblem

    I have just changed web/email hosts but kept my DSL provider. I find I cannot use the host's SMTP server because the ISP denies relaying.

    If I use the ISP's SMTP server, my outgoing email gets rejected because of the need for "POP3 before SMTP".

    Is there a solution or workaround for this situation?


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    One way around it is to get your host to use another port for smtp. I also find that many ISP actually blocks port 25. So if you have a nice enough host, they might want to use an empty port as an smtp port. Otherwise I think you are stuck to using your ISP's smtp server unless others have a better suggestion.

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    Thanks. I wasn't aware of that possibility but I found out that the host also uses port 587 to solve this vbery problem!

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