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    Received Email - Notification by SMS

    I hope this is the right place to put this.

    I have a client who asked me if i am able to do this setup for him, but i said i could try. So i'm depending on you guys.

    So its like this, he wants something like, upon receiving an email in his account, he wants an sms to be sent notifying him of the receiving of the email.

    How do i go about deploying this? Direct me please.



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    there are 2 script that does what you want

    Hope it helps

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    The first step is to get a script that is able to represent the email into an SMS text message. TheAnarchist suggested some good scripts.

    However the next step is to find an email to SMS gateway. This costs money for every SMS text message sent out via the gateway. The pricing will depend on where you live and the facilities enabled by your Communication company.

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    Cool, i must see what can it do...

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    There are a few sites which offer this service. You create an email account there and forward the mails from your site to this account and they will notify you about the new mails. Check and if you are in Delhi/Bombay, India you may wish to try service. These services cost you some money
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    Actually, that would be

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    Checkout, they provide you with an option to be notified through SMS once you receive an email.
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