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    Research Done!: Heip me pick host today from 3 finalist: Lunar vs Gator vs Dreamhost

    I would like to hear from those that have actually been with these hosts for at least 3-6 months or more. This is the final round before making a choice: and yes I did a search and read all of the forums first...

    Please help me pick from the finalist.
    Finalists: What seems to be different/special about them/also Any Gotchas?

    1) Lunar pages...

    + for $16/m I can get 4 domains, with the add 3 domain package and the smaller plan, ( no support for the shopping cart.) $23 I can get 5, they seem to have a good forum.

    - no support for streaming
    We offer progressive media streaming. ie we don't have a dedicated streaming server. You can embed it into your site.
    The viewer of the file will need to have quicktime installed to view the
    file. And we currently do not have any site builders

    2) Gatorhosting

    reseller plan: 24.95/m seems to have most of what I need, but I dont know anything about reselling, What if I just use it for my sites? Do I still get all the stuff with the regular hosting.

    -the forum seems less robust than lunarpages.
    + sitebuilder
    + maybe I could actually break even with the reseller plan if it is not to hard to do...they do support quicktime

    3) dreamhost
    + codemonster special is huge for $19.95
    - no phone support. heard they had problems in the past downtime
    also front page extentions for shopping cart must be run off subdomain


    Now I know you are going to say it depends on what my needs are so here are my exact needs:

    Here are my exact needs:
    I want to make sure no gotchas before i sign...NEEDS1) reliable 99+ 2) front page extensions 3) real phone support 4) need a simple shopping cart I can use with paypal 6) can put audio and video and flash on website 7) can use contribute or rapidweaver, dreamweaver for new sites 8) easy to transfer old ones 9) can host multiple (4) domains cheap or free (if not free what is the total monthly additional charge10) 20+ emails and forwarding 11) disk space at least 700 mb/m 12) data transfer rate at least 10g/m 13) autoreponders Did i mention no gotchas?

    and to clarify further
    Here is evactly what I want to do:

    1) transfer my account from verio at with about 15 subdomains 2) transfer and activate the 4 domains i just purchased from godaddy (4) that are not hosted anywhere yet . 3) use a different flash intro with 5 new sites and domains, 4) build the sites (after the flash intro) using front page, dreamweaver , a site builder host has etc. i including a shopping cart 5) add streaming video and audio client testimonials to the 5 sites,..

    All constructive comments, links, prices, helpful opinions, most welcome



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    i would go with
    or Lunar pages if you can aford it.
    i went with and it has been great. i got a reseller account and on the first day by hosting three friend's sites i broke even. you can host unlimited domains and emails with ehostpros. they have no "gotchas" and great support too. the server i'm on is very fast too. hope that helps! oh yeah did you get my email?
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    21,913 is part of which seems more widely known. (PR7)

    On a second thought, are you sure you're talking about They have no $24.95 reseller plan. Maybe you meant
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    opps....hostgator....darn dyslexia....yes did raj thanks...

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    i have seen lots of good reviews about

    Good Luck

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    Re: Research Done!: Heip me pick host today from 3 finalist: Lunar vs Gator vs Dreamhost

    Originally posted by ideawizard

    2) Gatorhosting

    reseller plan: 24.95/m seems to have most of what I need, but I dont know anything about reselling, What if I just use it for my sites? Do I still get all the stuff with the regular hosting.

    You don't need to know anythig about reselling, infact a lot of people buy reseller's hosting account to host many of their own websites. You can use it for your own personal site(s), host your family and friend's site for free or for a fee or, as the name suggest, reseller the space to total strangers and make some money

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    If Lunarpages meets your requirements, go for it. I'm currently with them and am quite satisfied. They also have a pretty good reputation on this board.

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    I have no firsthand experience with DreamHost, however I've read good things about them here.

    I have been with HostGator since November for a few of my sites now, and have to say I am very impressed with the level of support, speed and uptime of the servers at a fair price.

    I have a site with LunarPages since October too, however when my year is up I will be moving it other to my VDS with Dinix. The reason for this? Although the support is great and willing to help, I have often found my site unreachable (server not down - others can access it) or slow - I'm not sure if this is my ISP or what but I do not have this problem anywhere else so I am moving for that reason.

    I don't think you could go wrong with any of the three you've listed. Just make sure you've done your research, sent a few pre-sales emails and are happy with the responss and response times.

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    I just tried signing up with Dreamhost last weekend. Granted it was a Saturday night just before midnight, but the "account approval" e-mail received a few minutes after ordering said the account would be activated within 30 minutes. 14 hours later (!!!) I finally received notice that the Web Service was enabled for the account!! (Mail for the initial account was setup within minutes.)

    During the 14 hours (actually only spent the first three or hour), I was able to play around in the control panel. Much to my dismay, I discovered that any time you do virtually anything such as add/edit users, domains or databases, you have to wait 1 to 4 hours for them to "take effect" even though I have read on this board that these processes are "automated". (That's the slowest automation I've ever seen!) Man, was I ever disappointed.

    This was enough to turn me off, so I didn't even bother changing the DNS settings to transfer the domains. I submitted a cancellation/refund request today.

    So, when you setup and work on your sites, if you're impatient like me and like to work on something as soon as you create it, you may want to rethink Dreamhost as an option.

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    Dreamhost had it ups and downs for me, however I've been with them for over 3 years now for some of my websites - and I can say they are a very stable company and are very responsive to costumer requests. You won't be sorry going with them,

    plus they have one of the best [my opinion] control panel systems [custom made] in the industry that makes the account managment a snap.
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