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    CPanel Demo? CPanel Features

    I think I'm sold on H-Sphere because of cross-platform capabilities and automation features, but I'm still open for suggestions.

    CPanel/WHM seems to be a favorite with many. However, the demo has not been available for a few weeks and the documentation hasn't helped much either.

    Does anyone know if CPanel/WHM offers cross-platform (Linux & Windows) capabilities? And what about automated customer signup, domain registration, cc processing, and account provisioning?

    If I go with H-Sphere I'll need a host that offers it on a VPS, so I welcome any suggestions and past experiences.


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    Comparing cPanel and H-Sphere is like comparing apples and oranges.

    To simply put it H-Sphere is designed to work on multiple servers and make them work as a team. cPanel on the other hand is designed to control a single server.

    As for signup, provisioning, billing etcetera this is not included with cPanel and you will need a 3rd party's software to support this. One popular setup is cPanel/Fantastico/RVskins/modernbill.

    Hope this helps!

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