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    control panel+billing software and company website...

    hello, i have 1 question thats really on my mind. once i have purchased the control panel software and the billing software that i am going to use for my hosting company, how to i automate it so that people around the world can access my site and purchase hosting and domains from my company. are their forms and other tools for websites provided with the control panel or billing software to make this easier? please reply asap thanks

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    i would suggest that you use a search function in this forum that will allow all your questions to be answered.

    I also suggest that if you do not find these answers in the search function do not start up a webhosting company.

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    I will not go into detail but very general about what I will be saying. This scenario will follow along the lines of cPanel/WHM.

    You need to 1st get a 'Remote Access Key' which can be found in WHM.

    You will then need to be using some type of software that has a feature to be automated and correspond with WHM. You will need to plug the remote access key into this software where it asks.

    I will encourage you to search the forums though and search thoroughly. Understand the pros and cons to automated signups.

    IMHO, I recommend you not use automation as it's destined for fraudulent orders left and right.

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