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    Save Save Save 10% Off Hosting Listed Price

    Want to save 10% per month off ANY, I say again ANY hosting package that we offer ?

    Then sign up at and enter wht as the Enter Promotion Code: at the bottom of the page. The price change will only show at the end.

    This Offer only applies to customers paying by Paypal, Moneybookers, Egold or mail in payment, as is not setup to do this, we can do this by email request so email [email protected] to arrange credit card/moneybookers/egold/mail in payment opportunities.

    This offer is not listed on the main page, as we only want to promote this to WHT Forum members.

    No need for a domain if you dont have one, you can use any of the following domains for a subdomain.

    Want to purchase a subdomain ? Then you can grab one from .com $8.75

    Offer ends 30 June 2004, do not be mistaken, this offer may end, but your discount monthly hosting account price doesnt. It continues til you decide to upgrade or cancel.

    Here are the packages we currently offer

    $15 Special ($15/year)
    150 mb disk space and 1.5 gigabytes data transfer

    $25 Special ($25/year)
    200 mb disk space and 2.5 gigabytes data transfer

    We offer the following paid packages (all prices in US dollars):

    Junior ($1.50/month or $10/year)
    100 mb disk space and 1 gigabytes data transfer

    Junior Plus ($2.50/month or $20/year)
    150 mb disk space and 2.5 gigabytes data transfer

    Starter ($5.00/month or $50/year)
    200 mb disk space and 5 gigabytes data transfer

    Starter Plus ($6.00/month or $60/year)
    350 mb disk space and 7.5 gigabytes data transfer

    Basic ($7.50/month or $75/year)
    500 mb disk space and 10 gigabytes data transfer

    Basic Plus ($9.00/month or $90/year)
    750 mb disk space and 12.5 gigabytes data transfer

    Advanced ($10.00/month or $100/year)
    1 gigabyte disk space and 15 gigabytes data transfer

    Advanced Plus ($11.50/month or $115/year)
    1.25 gigabytes disk space and 25 gigabytes data transfer

    Professional ($12.50/month or $125/year)
    1.5 gigabytes disk space and 30 gigabytes data transfer

    Professional Plus ($15.00/month or $150/year)
    2 gigabytes disk space and 35 gigabytes data transfer

    Master ($20.00/month or $200/year)
    2.5 gigabytes disk space and 40 gigabytes data transfer

    Master Plus ($25.00/month or $250/year)
    3.5 gigabytes disk space and 50 gigabytes data transfer

    Not looking for paid hosting but you want Free Hosting ?

    Then go to where you can get
    100mb space, 1gb bandwidth, php support, 1 free mysql database

    Hope to do Business with you all soon.

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    quote: "Want to purchase a subdomain ? Then you can grab one from .com $8.75" what is that ment to mean?? i hope it doesnt mean i get a real subdomain of

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    Typo, it was meant to say want to purchase a domain ? ....
    Sorry for the confusion.

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