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    Need some help - Windows server

    Well, I need a different IP for submitting to some websites (no, nothing illegal), so I'm asking if it's possible to connect from my PC (via remote dekstop connection) to a server, where another windows OS is running and run the progams on that server under a different IP.

    Do I need a dedicated windows server for this or a shared one?

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    You want to rent a dedicated server just so your IP doesnt show up? Wouldnt it be cheaper/month to buy a different insternet connection as well. 2-5 different dialup services could be purchased per month, for less, if you wanted to have different IP addresses.

    To get off of calling your idea stupid and answer your question.
    - Doubtful that any 'shared' hosting is going to allow you A) to run applications B) use a remote admin tool such as VNC, RDC, ect.
    So you would most likely need a dedicated server. Then you can connect to that boxes with RDC(Remote Desktop Connection), PCAnywhere, VNC, or whatever other sort of client you want.

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    Yes, I agree with Cope.. You are not going to get RD to a shared server. Perhaps a vps, or a cheap dedicated box would be best IMO.
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    Well, yeah I was thinking of a second internet connection too, but dialup is SLOOOOW and tel. impulses are expensive, and a cable connection costs about 40$ per month, so maybe a cheap dedicated windows server (with windows 2000 installed) would do the same at a lower cost.

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    Maybe a VPS, as it's beeen said, but not a whole box for $40...

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    Well, a low end box with windows 2000 and 30 - 50 GB (max) bandwidth per month ... i think that's possible to have under 40$

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